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beach of the old town

The beach is located on the east side of Rethymno, just 1 km. away from the center. It is a long sandy beach, part of the huge beach of Rethymno. As the beach is fully organized and essentially within the city, there are all comforts. Chairs, loungers and showers on the beach, a lifeguard for the safety of bathers, and many options for water sports. There are also many taverns, restaurants and cafes nearby.
Although the beach is located near an urban center, it is one of the most important spawning areas in turtles Caretta caretta in the Mediterranean. So it is no coincidence that during your visit to this you will find several fenced areas, as a shelter for turtles.

  • I. Dambergi 14 or N. Plastira 7Α, 74100 Rethymnon, Crete
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  • Mobile: +30 697 6695228, +30 697 3490515
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  • F. +30 28310 22319
  • G.N.T.O. Registry number: 1041Κ113Κ2659901